Erasmus +  programme is a new programme of the European Union for the period from 2014 to 2020  aimed at supporting projects of cooperation, academic mobility in the field of education, training, sport and youth policy.

Duration of action of the program from 2014 to 2020.

Erasmus + is one of the most popular exchange programme for students and teachers in the field of higher education promoting development of universities in the common space of the European Union.

Erasmus + is:

• for teachers opportunity to share the experience

• for students opportunity of study/practice at other university of the European Union

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Today the President Stanisław Wojciechowski University School of Applied Sciences in Kalisz (Poland) is a partner of  NGIEU within the ERASMUS+ programme

The President Stanisław Wojciechowski University School of Applied Sciences has signed bilateral agreement with russian partner – Nizhny Novgorod state engineering and economic university since 2009 year. In this agreement both institutions put impact on bilateral mobility of students and staff. Possibility of receiving the grant for students is a great opportunity for students, teacher and staff of Nizhny Novgorod state engineering and economic university to come to Kalisz. Both institutions planed three types of mobility under Erasmus+ programme: students for studies (1 or 2 semesters), teachers with lectures and staff for training.

Nizhny Novgorod state engineering and economic university (NGIEU) have the experience of taking part in similar projects together with High School in an European country. It supported the implementation the international master course «Agricultural management» (MBA) together with University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan (Germany).

To date, there are 23 partner universities (organizations) of NGIEU:

  1. University of applied Sciences Weihenstephan (Germany)
  2. University of natural Sciences, Lublin (Poland)
  3. Agricultural University Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
  4. University Ovidius (Romania)
  5. Comrat state University (Moldova)
  6. Chadron College (USA)
  7. Artsakh state University (Nagorno Karabakh Republic)
  8. Sieczynski University (China)
  9. Uhanska textile Academy (China)
  10. Company JOB TRUST (Greece)
  11. Technological Institute of Central Macedonia, Serres, Greece)
  12. Geographical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and arts (Serbia)
  13. Training Center Deula-Nienburg (Germany).
  14. The Department of education Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
  15. The Association APOLLO (Germany)
  16. The farmers’ Union LOGO (Germany)
  17. Gorlovka state pedagogical Institute (The Ukraine)
  18. Khujand Polytechnic Institute (Tajikistan)
  19. Baranovichi state University (Belarus)
  20. Sumy national agrarian University (The Ukraine)
  21. Kherson state agrarian University (The Ukraine)
  22. Russian-Chinese Fund for the development of culture and education (China).
  23. National transport University, Kiev (The Ukraine)

In 2016 it is planned to send one group of students and teachers for studying and teaching/training to the President Stanisław Wojciechowski University School of Applied Sciences in the following areas: Business and administration, Engineering and engineering trades,Information and Communication Technologies.

Students of  the 2nd year of study can take part in the Erasmus+ programme. Knowledge of a foreign language (English) is obligatory! The students wishing to take part in Erasmus+ programme  have to complete courses of a foreign language to get the necessary level of linguistic proficiency. Students are accepted to the 1 stage of the recruitment procedure (testing) after finishing these courses. The students who will receive at least 75% (and above) can go to the second step of the recruitment –  oral interview (via videoconference) with representatives of the Erasmus+ programme of the partner university.

University staff are allowed to participation in the Erasmus+ programme. Teachers can receive grants for teaching assignments or training at the partner university. The university staff has to have good knowledge of English/ German/ Polish. The teachers passed internal recruitment will have oral interview (via videoconference) with representatives of the Erasmus+ programme of the partner university. Trainings is focused on Mechanical Engineering and CNC-Laboratory.

Participants of the Erasmus+ programme  will be accommodated in Student Dormitory » BULIONIK» Łódzka Street 149-153, 62-800 Kalisz, Poland

Participants need to fill and submit the Application form (deadlines for applications are the 31st of December) and the Letter of agreement.

Deadlines for submission of applicants:

•        1st semester and the whole academic year: July 31st

•        2nd semester: December 31st

Each participant after mobility has to fill a questionnaire in English about mobility))

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